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Entice Health Products™ for a Gluten-Free Diet

Gluten free foods never tasted this great.

Daisy Health Foods brings you Entice Health Products™ – manufacturing gluten-free foods for the South African market since 2003.  Developed and produced in South Africa by Food Scientists, the focus is on Easy to Use and Tasty to Eat foods offering a variety of dietary choices. From Pure Puffed Ancient Grains to Rich Chocolate Cake, you can trust us with your gluten-free dietary needs. We do flours, grains, bakery mixes, cereals and biscuits.

Our facility is certified Gluten-Free and is audited by Intertek for Food Safety Management.

Ingredients are sustainably sourced, Non-GMO and carefully screened following our strict food safety criteria. No gluten or soya is permitted in the factory. We’re always looking out for suitable ingredients that are interesting and fun.

Find Loads of recipes on the site, with vegan options too. Entice Bakery Mixes offer a quick solution for the busy individual – many recipes require eggs, oil and water, then bake. It takes a few minutes of prep, bake and eat. It’s that simple.

Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free Alternatives

Our flagship Entice Self-Raising Self- Binding Rice Flour is a direct cup-for-cup substitute for wheat Flour.  With raising and binding agents already added, use your favourite recipe and replace the cake flour/all-purpose flour/ or self- raising wheat flour with Entice Self Raising (Green bag) and bake as usual.  Don’t add more baking powder because it’s already added.

Rice milk powder is vegan, dairy-free and gluten- free.  It’s the equivalent fat content of a glass of low fat milk when reconstituted, it’s quite delicious.

Puffed grains are pure grain, no flavours or sugars are added. Add your own if need be.


Nutritious Gluten-Free Products for Home use, Restaurants, Bakeries and Food Manufacturers

Our philosophy is to use real foods and minimally processed ingredients wherever possible, and put them into a form that is easy to use while providing maximum nutrition. Our motto – it’s got to taste great.

We supply in bulk to top restaurants, bakeries, food manufacturers and busy homes, starting at 12.5Kg; we are able to handle big orders too.

We are 100% woman owned business.

We are able to blend specific products for our customers needs


Gluten-Free, Wheat -Free Flours, Cereals & Bakery Mixes

We offer a range of wheat-free alternatives for a gluten-free diet

  • Flours including from rice, sorghum, millet, chickpea and oats
  • Puffed cereals from rice, sorghum, millet and quinoa
  • Bakery mixes for breads, cakes, muffins, pizza and biscuits
  • Toasted Cereals from flaked rice and oats
  • Rice milk powders, vegan
  • Butter biscuits
  • Frozen Pizza bases
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