Sourdough Starter

Making gluten free sourdough starter takes up to 7 days. It’s quick to do every day.


80g Entice Brown Rice Flour
  More Brown Rice Flour for feeding daily
80g Water at room temperature



Mix the flour and water until well combined.

Cover the bowl with a cloth and leave at room temperature overnight in a cupboard (to keep dark)

The next day, discard half the starter (make pancakes with the batter you are removing) and feed the remainder with 50g flour and 50g water (equal weight), allow to rest.

Repeat daily for 4 to 7 days, each day discarding half the starter, and feeding the remaining starter.  You will see the sourdough start to rise and bubble several hours after feeding. At this point it will be ready to use.  Use as much as you need for your recipe.

Sourdough Starter Sourdough Sourdough Starter - daisy health









To maintain your starter, keep feeding it daily as described above; keep at room temperature in a cupboard. The process will take longer in cooler temperatures.

For the discarded starter, keep in the fridge to collect for making pancakes or flatbreads, or share with a friend to start their own sour dough.

If you don’t plan on baking for a while, keep starter in a glass bottle with a loose lid in the fridge.  When you want to bake again, remove from the fridge and start feeding it again daily to build the strength of the starter until it starts bubbling and rising.

It doubles in size and collapses again – in a cycle, use when it’s at its height.  If it’s collapsed, feed it again until it rises.

You may use other gluten free flours in your starter culture, experiment and play.  Don’t panic, every sourdough has its own character.

Don’t forget to give your starter culture a fun name.  Ours is called Bubbling Betty!

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