Returns and Refund Policy


Our ultimate goal is for you our valued customer to be completely satisfied with your purchase and thus we only sell quality goods and we are confident that you will be satisfied with every purchase you make.

We run our business in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act and our exchange and refund policy is in compliance with this Act.

Returns in case of Change of Mind or Mistake by Consumer  

In the event of consumers wanting to return goods because they have changed their minds or purchased the incorrect product due to an error or mistake on their part, we are not obliged by law to accept returns and refund monies. CAREFULLY READ THE INDICATIONS OF PURPOSE AND OTHER NOTICES TO FAMILIARISE YOURSELF WITH THE USE AND INGREDIENTS FOR WHICH THE GOODS ARE INTENDED BEFORE PURCHASING THEM

What can I do if the goods are defective or damaged during shipping?

  • If your goods turn out to be materially defective, infested or damaged upon receipt, contact us within the first 7 days after you received them from us, we will replace them or give you a refund. We require the product, the best before date on the packaging, and include a photograph to show the damage is requested, wherever possible. Where applicable you may send them back to Daisy Health Foods.  Shipping is initially done at your own cost, but is refunded if the goods are found to be defective.
  • If the incorrect goods are shipped, we will replace them.

Are any goods excluded from this return and refund policy?

By law, the goods we exclude from the returns and refund policy are:

  • goods which are not inherently unsafe, there is no material defect in the goods, or the goods have failed while being used contrary to instructions or not for the indicated intended purpose;
  • goods we do not ordinarily stock and have purchased as special order will only be replaced if defective;
  • goods which have been intentionally or unintentionally damaged by the consumer, for example, by exposure to infestation or moisture.

What if the goods are unsuitable for the purpose I initially bought them for?

  • We do not exchange items that are not faulty / defective because of the nature of the foodstuffs we sell.
  • As stated above, it is the consumer’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the intended purpose and ingredient list of any goods stated on the packaging and there is no right to return any goods because they are unsuitable for another purpose than that stated on the packaging and in user documentation;
  • If however you indicated a particular purpose for which you intend using the goods to a salesperson who confirmed in writing e.g. on a quotation, that you will be able to use the goods for that purpose, you may return the goods within 10 working days after you purchased them if it turns out that the goods are not suitable for the purpose you anticipated and indicated to the salesperson.
  • Subject to our rights in law to charge you for use and get the goods fit for restocking, we will give a refund.



Are there any conditions that apply to manufacturers’ warranties?

As with all warranties, certain conditions and exceptions apply.

  • Please take proper note of any terms or instructions that accompany your products and make sure that all instructions are strictly followed as a failure to do so will result in the product not performing properly. This is applicable to all goods.

In what instances will the manufacturer’s warranty not apply?

The manufacturer’s warranty will only apply to defects in the process of manufacturing the goods and will not apply in the following instances:

  • Damage caused by appliance malfunction during baking
  • Goods used for a purpose other than the purpose for which they were manufactured.
  • Goods used contrary to their recommended recipe, such as misuse or abuse of the products
  • Accidental damage.
  • Defects that develop due to incorrect or inappropriate storage.


How will I be refunded?

Once we have accepted a return and approved a refund, you will receive the refund in one of the following ways:

  • Electronic transfer directly into your account (allow at least 96 hours).
  • Cash (if the original payment was made in cash).