Puffed Millet and Date Balls

Puffed Millet and Date Balls

Makes around 30 balls

Preparation:  25 minutes to prepare no baking.



Pitted Dates


Boiling Water (if necessary – see recipe below)


Butter or Coconut Oil (for Vegan)

3 cups, 60g

Puffed millet (can use other puffed grains)

1cup (100g)

Finely chopped nuts – almonds or cashews

1.4 tsp

Cardamom, ground


Chop the dates and then pulse them in a food processor. If the dates remain chunky, then soak them in boiling water and pulse again to form a paste.  If they form a paste first time you pulse it, then soaking is not necessary. Pulse to a paste.

Melt the butter or coconut oil in a pan, add the cardamom. Add the dates and mix well.

Add the Puffed Millet and nuts to the mixture and mix well.

Transfer to a bowl, allow to cool enough to handle.

Working with slightly wet hands, pinch of pieces of date mix and roll into balls of around 3cm diameter.

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