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  • Landiwe

    I am impressed South Africa has its home GF Producer & Products, who are familiar with OUR SOUTH AFRICAN TASTE. Thank You so much for being there for some of us who are GF intolerant & have suffered for years without being aware we are GF Intolerant.

    Iam based in EL and would like to order some of your stuff I like Bread, real South African Tasty & Crusty Homemade Brown, Wholemeal as I have a very slow digestive system.
    I would also love to try your cakes & Biscuits my Husband & my family ( Children) love an odd weekday Muffin, Choc Cake or Madeira Cake, but with not too much sugar, but still full of South African Taste !

    Where can I get your Bread, Self Raising Flours, & Cake Flours in EL outlets. I wish our East London Spars & Dischem can supply these . We have only 1x Dischem shop in East London.

    September 08, 2014

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