Entice Health Products™ 
Gluten free foods never tasted this great.  Entice Health Products™ is a range of foods made from rice flour and specifically developed for people with food allergies, celiac disease (coeliacs), and gluten intolerance. The emphasis is on great tasting gluten-free foods. Entice has been developed and produced in South Africa for South Africa.
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Wheat Free Alternative

Entice Self-Raising Self-Binding Rice Flour is a direct cup for cup substitute for wheat flour. Use it in our gluten free recipes for bread, muffins and other goodies. Or use your own recipes, and simply exchange wheat flour for Entice Rice Flour. Entice Rice Flour»

Professional Engineering

All our products are developed by food scientists. Our factory is a gluten free environment and will tailor make gluten-free foods to suit your needs. Flours are milled on a dedicated mill and wheat is not handled on the premises. More about us»

Gluten Free Range

Entice Health Products Range is entirely wheat free and gluten free. Rice forms the basis of all products. Choose from a selection of butter biscuits, muesli, cereals, rice milk powder and flours. Product Range»
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